Partnership with Sofia University

The Center is offering an Economic Development Certificate Program in partnership with the Sofia University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
“…we would be honored to create an affiliated MOC course at the University of Sofia…I am looking forward to making this Trans-Atlantic bridge of knowledge a reality…”
– Dr. Ivan Ilchev

The second part of the Economic Development Certificate Program – the Microeconomics of Competitiveness course will start on 1st of March for this Spring semester. As usual, meetings are held each Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30 in America for Bulgaria Hall (Hall #224) in Sofia University Rectorate Building.
The Center has established a partnership with the Harvard Club of Bulgaria . The HCB will provide support to students enrolled in the Center programs in addition to helping the Center with logistics and general support. In partnership with Digital Marketing Agency Cro Digitals.

Заповядайте на “CESC Get-Together” 5 април 2012 г. от 21:00 до 02:00. It’s time for our next first-Thursday… 

Interesting project that can shape the Bulgarian economy in the future!
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